Today is time for a new Show Your Places release. Version 0.4 is now available.

SYP is a CMS to manage photos or pictures and displaying them on a map. It's slightly similar to what you get when showing photos with google maps, but it suits my needs more. First, I host my photos and my application myself, so (as long as I backup), it's more durable. Then, I don't have to adhere to painful google maps terms of use. That's actually the main reason I had to write syp: I wanted to show some photos on a map, and wanted my site to be private (password protected). It's not allowed to do that will google maps, so I had to find an alternative, and eventually wrote my own CMS. And also, it uses openstreetmap to display the map.

I hadn't worked on syp for 6 months, so it was time to move this project forward again. Yesterday, I added support for postgresql as a database backend. There was also some old committed but not released modifications. So now, syp is less a pain when you have many photos in same area. You can refer to changelog for more information.

As usual, you can get syp from syp main page, you can browse git repository, or you can try the demo or admin interface demo (login: admin; password: toto). Enjoy!