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Thursday, April 1 2010

vteplugin: improve your workflows by decreasing number of opened windows

When working on my computer, my two main applications are a webbrowser and a terminal. I'm constantly switching between those two windows, and therefore loosing some valuable time during the switch.

At first, I decided to improve my workflow by browsing the web from my terminal, but browsing experience in the console is slightly limited. I had still a strong motivation after lynx had prompted me 4 times if I wanted to store cookies when using a search engine, and didn't give up when I realized cookies were not stored on hard drive, but I decided to find another way when I could not log into this blog.

As it was difficult to use a webbrowser inside my terminal, I tried to run instead my terminal inside my webbrowser. Then I made vteplugin, a plugin to run a terminal inside a webbrowser tab.

screenshot of vteplugin inside midori

It works in Gecko (firefox, seamonkey, ...) and webkit-gtk (midori, uzbl, ...). I don't known if it works in webkit-qt (arora, ...). If you try it, I'd be happy to known the result. It does not work in opera. To install, you can download it from this blog or clone it from github. Then, extract it and run ./waf configure && ./waf build and, as root, ./waf install. Restart your browser, and open vteplugin.html file.

On the technical side, it's a npapi plugin using XEmbed Extension. It uses libvte to open a terminal in plugin window

Now, like web2.0 fanboys, I can have all my applications inside my browser, but all my data are still belong to me.

Post written with vim inside vteplugin inside iceweasel

Tuesday, March 16 2010

Mosaic on linux

Sources of mosaic web browser are available at github. Mosaic is one of the first graphical browsers, and the first one to support images in html documents. It is often considered as the grandparent of modern web browsers.

Available sources compile fine on linux. This allowed me to install mosaic and browse the web for some time. Actually, I did not browse for a long time because most websites, including the most accessible ones display badly with pristine mosaic. But that was still fun.

this blog with mosaic

google with mosaic

wikipedia with mosaic