I spent a lot of times this summer writting a website to share routes. It's now done. That does not mean I won't improve it. That means it's stable, so I can make it public. That also means it has all the functionalities I need for my own usage.

Project name is syj. It means Show Your Journey. With syj, you can create and publish routes. So you can organize hiking, show clever bicycle rides, or any route you want. You can also get your routes as gpx or kml files.You can, if you have created an account, manage routes you have created: modify or delete them. Finally, you can duplicate a route before modifying it. This is really useful when you want many similar routes.

Syj is available at http://osm-syj.crans.org/.

OpenStreetMap is used for background map. Website is hosted by Cr@ns. That organization already hosts many project related to OpenStreetMap.

Website sources are available under AGPL license. For this project, I also wrote many standalone libraries available on github. Those libraries are available under modified bsd license.

I hope you'll find syj as useful as I do.